“I have a 12 year old chocolate Lab who, among other things, can’t process protein well and is on a restricted diet. On multiple occasions Karen has refused to sell me food or treats until she has done the research to verify that it would be okay for Grace, often at a loss of a sale that I was more than willing to prematurely make. It is so refreshing to go into a store where the merchant is more concerned with the well being of her customers than with making a sale. I look to Karen’s expertise and generous spirit as Urbana’s most wonderful resource and referral agency. Grace, on the hand, looks to her cookies with the utmost affection.”
~Mary Sweet

“My dog Dundee absolutely loves Nuttin’ Better Bones. They make his day!”
Pat McCarty, Loveland, Ohio

Today I advised another friend to go to Bone-fi-Do to speak with Karen about Biologic Vet Joint compound. My own 14 year old dog, Solo, suffered liver failure after being placed on a popular pain med for only a few days for her arthritis. During her recovery, I went to Bone-fi-Do to check out other (safer) options for my dogs. BioLogic Vet was recommended and Solo has now been on this great supplement (and no more pain med) for about 2 years. There is no doubt in my mind that Solo’s life would have been shorter and more painful without Karen’s wonderful advise. I am fostering a golden retriever, tripod and he is also now on BioLogic Vet Joint compound to help keep his joints strong. Thanks to Karen and Bone-a-fiDo for carrying the healthiest foods and supplements for my dogs.
Bonnie J.

Hi my name is Morris and I am finicky about my food! I really love the cat food from Bone-a-Fido and can’t wait until my next meal. Kitty Kaviar is a great treat in between meals. My mom brings me great toys that entertain me and evidently her, as she laughs a lot when I play. She likes the Eat, Drink and Meowy shirt and the I love her cat sweatshirt. I don’t think I need the cat collar and name tag, but she does. It is bright and I think the girls like it. Thanks Bone-a-Fido….keep that food coming!
Morris H.


My name is Arthur and I eat broken cookies at Bone-a-fido. That is my pay for a hard day’s work.
Arthur H.